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Every bullet has more than one life span. The bullet gets shot, its casing falls to the floor, it is then collected by the manufacturers and reused, saving the manufacturers money, a process we call – Reloading.

Bullets 4 Peace collects those used bullet casings from around the world before they become a fully functioning bullet again, giving them a new purpose – a hand crafted jewelry line promoting peace & compassion.


Bullets 4 Peace - Reloading life!

Celebrities Supporting Bullets 4 Peace



Beyonce with her favorite Bullets 4 Peace Pendant

Fleur De Lys 

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Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria wearing her favorite Bullets 4 Peace pendant

"The Peaceful Panther"

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Couture Golden Bullet Ice Panther Clear CZ Bullet Couture Golden Bullet Arrow & Crown - Silver Ice Clear CZ Bullet, Black Tip

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Healing Hamsa on Rose Quartz Stone - Gold Healing Rose on Amethyst Stone - Gold Healing Om on Moonstone - Rose Gold Healing Rose on Rose Quartz Stone - Rose Gold Healing Hamsa on Amethyst Stone - Gold



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